Shop Signage by Camfree Signs & Graphics Ltd

Shop signage is a form of advertising as old as the hills. Whether it be a market stall or a multinational company, reinforcing the brand above any business is the mainstay of any successful high street brand.

At Camfree Signs & Graphics Ltd we can offer your business multiple options to suit your branding requirements. Whether it be vinyl lettering on aluminium composite board or Illuminated built up stainless steel Lettering on an aluminium tray, we can manufacture anything.

First we design everything on our specialist software. All proofs are presented by superimposing all designs on to a high resolution image of the existing building/site. With a “measure twice cut once philosophy”, you can be reassured that what you have asked for, is what you will receive. 

There are several different solutions to choose from...


There are many different types of lettering, Vinyl, Acrylic, Aluminium and stainless steel to list but a few with options to have the built up lettering illuminated if required. There are also different ways to fix them, by bonding or bolting them to whatever material you decide. We have manufactured all types dependant on each client’s requirements. In addition, as all letters are made to order, we can cater for just about any font style you may require.


Manifestations stick on to large glass or Perspex panels to draw attention to them for safety reasons. The most popular being a frosted film. We can cover any design type or style that your requirement demands. Be it a Christmas or Valentines theme, using our design software, large printer & vinyl cutter, we can cut and manufacture to order regardless of size or quantity of manifestations.

Light box

A good way to catch potential business is to illuminate your signage, using a light box. We Design all light boxes to each individual customers requirements.

Which sign backing should I use?

One of our experienced staff can advise you on the most suitable options available for your specific requirements. Aluminium composite board (standard) to Aluminium Tray (luxury) are the most commonly found sign backings.


There are many different options available on the market, the most common is the trough light which can be made to any size and comes with the option of LED which is long term cost effective and more environmentally friendly. Other options are available upon request.

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