Reduce Heat Gain and Glare with Solar Control Film

Direct sunlight can be a big problem for shop front displays, offices, interior furnishings and artwork. Glazing allows sunlight and heat to pass through windows during the summer which can become a problem. Window Film can reduce up to 85% of the heat gain and up to 99% UV.  Compliance with UK and European Health and Safety Regulations, is of paramount importance.

Safety & Security Window Film

Health & Safety Compliance 

Is your glass safe? If your glass does not have a British Standard Kite Mark, it does not comply with regulations. We can install Safety Film that will ensure your existing glass complies to British Standard, for a fraction of the cost of replacing all the glass Safety Film makes the window more secure against attempted break-in's and breakage. Clear security film will also block 99% of the damaging UV rays.

Privacy Window Film

A Simple Solution to Prying Eyes     

Privacy Window Film allows glass to be transformed into a translucent or opaque surface, or even totally obscured. This is a cost-effective alternative to completely replacing existing glazing. For offices located on a busy high street we would recommend a privacy film that makes it possible for you to see out, but no-one to see in. Privacy films can be coloured or have a stylish mirror finish to further enhance the appearance of the building.

Patterned Window Film

Stylish Designs for Clear Glass     

To make a spectacular interior design impression, or to fulfil essential legal Health & Safety obligations, Window Film manifestation is the most cost effective way to ensure glass entrance doors and glazed screens are marked appropriately for the legal requirement in Building Regulations. Patterned or manifestation films can take the form of a logo, or just dots or squares to comply with building regulation requirements.

Residential Film

Enjoy your Conservatory - Reduce Heat Gain and Glare

Window film will dramatically reduce excessive heat and glare at a fraction of the cost of blinds. Excessive heat can be reduce by as much as 80%. Glare can be reduced by as much as 86% - protecting you on the brightest of days whilst allowing unrestricted views. Damaging UV is reduced by 99% - protecting your fabrics & furniture all year round against fading and saving you on costly replacements.

Protection for your Home

Safety & Security Films  

Broken glass can cause significant harm to you and your family. Installing Safety and Security film will dramatically reduce the dangers by providing an barrier that holds glass in place in the event of an impact - made with thick this is made from heavy-duty polyester bonded by the industry's strongest adhesives. It also makes it much more difficult for an intruder to gain access through your windows .

A Simple Solution for Privacy

Privacy Window Films 

Whether you need partial or complete privacy, we have a film to suit your needs. One-way privacy can be achieved by a reflective Privacy Window Film which works by reflecting the light on the brighter side to prevent vision through, whilst allowing you to see out. Frosted Window Privacy Film provides complete privacy whilst allowing up to 85% of light to pass through.

Anti-glare & Anti-fade Films

Glare can cause reflections on your TV or computer screen making them impossible to view. Together with this, Ultra Violet radiation can travel through windows and contribute to the daily accumulation of sun exposure which may lead to skin cancer and photo-aging. Window Film prevents transmission of more than 98% of the ultra violet rays, protecting you and slowing down the fading of your furniture.