Plant & Machinery by Camfree Signs & Graphics Ltd


Branding plant and machinery is essential for indicating who’s on site. And with large sites containing several contractors, having all the appropriate signage on dangerous plant and machinery has never been in more demand not to mention the advertising prospect from site to site.

At Camfree Signs & Graphics Ltd, we have vast experience with various types of plant. From excavators to dumper trucks, bulldozers and road construction machinery.

We manufacture on site all types of graphics and branding to accommodate all requirements. We also have a selection in our long and experienced database of over 2000 different types of indication and warning signage to choose from.

We can also provide chapter 8 and other class reflective graphics bespoke to any type of plant machinery. We can also provide the same service to rail stock. Wrapping doors in a solid vinyl colour, offering extra protection against the rigours of transporting the public. 

The advantages of this are clear with the spiralling costs of re-spraying worn parts, including removal of the part, preparation time, risks of paint fume inhalation and drying time. The cost of wrapping the likes of carriage doors is a fraction of the cost compared to re-spraying, not to mention the health benefits to staff.