Boat Graphics & Wraps by Camfree Signs & Graphics Ltd

Why not protect and inject a new lease of life into your Boat? Boat graphics are a way of achieving this. We can offer everything from a full wrap, to the plimsoll line, to basic coach line stripes and upper deck detailing. At Camfree Signs & Graphics Ltd we have dedicated boat fitting specialists to ensure the highest quality standards of fitting.

Full Wrap

Like with a car, Camfree Signs & Graphics Ltd can wrap the entire vessel in either a printed vinyl or solid colour vinyl up to the plimsoll line.

One main reason to do this is that long term damage to the Fibreglass or Glass Reinforced Plastic on most boats/yachts is common because sea water is naturally corrosive. Wrapping a boat/yacht in vinyl helps to protect the GRP or any exposed metal from this corrosive process. However, due to the abrasive nature of water, any vinyl graphics can only be applied up to the Plimsoll Line.

The reason for this is that the water, especially Sea water, would start to lift the vinyl at the edges and give the impression of a tatty finish. To overcome this above the plimsoll line, we use a clear lacquer to seal any coachwork. This not only helps to protect the coach lines but also creates a weather seal and thus extending the life of the product.

Boat Names

Why not treat your boat to a new name! At Camfree Signs and Graphics Ltd we can provide boat names for all types of Boats Small or large. We are specialists in providing high end stainless steel lettering for some leading branded boat manufactures. Illuminated or non-illuminated lettering. Vinyl or stainless steel lettering to suit all types of budgets.


Detailing is quite a new concept- some boats are a massive expanse of white Fibreglass or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) so why not break up the white and add a splash of colour, change the colour of the pillars and add small matching detailing colours to the console. Personalise your boat to your own liking and make it feel more like home from home. Best of all its more cost effective and less hassle than having it painted.